BEVEKE HOUSING (BEVEKE GROUP) is a 100% agro-based business that deals in developing SRIGANGANDHAM SANDALWOOD plantations. With expert advice and guidance from agro-professionals, agricultural scientists and academicians from reputed agricultural universities across India, the company has launched the one of- its- Farm Lands Project. With a determined goal to bring prosperity and happiness for all, BEVEKE HOUSING makes it possible for everyone to invest in the high-earning potential and lucrative Srigandham Sandalwood plantations. We do not make any false promises, but bank on the increasing demand and price of Sandalwood in the national and global market. Globally, the Srigandham Sandalwood prices have been increasing year after year.

Beneficially, Farm Lands. could achieve returns on Sandalwood plantations within far lesser time frames. In the wild, if a Sandalwood plant takes 25 to 30 years to grow, at our Sandalwood farms the Sandalwood is ready for the market in 15 years. This phenomenal success in producing Sandalwood in far lesser time frames was made possible only by adopting modern agricultural practices.

Thatswhy we choose Srigandham Sandalwood cultivation in West Prakasam District connecting with Real Estate Activity. BEVEKE HOUSING presents a stunning visual treat for everyone. Our team that includes of agro-business experts adheres to the highest values and standards to sure project success and high rate of returns for the investors. Our Farm Lands brings two significant benefits to all its investors. Ownership of the farm unit which you could sell or retain at the end of 15 year lease period and enjoy returns from the Srigandham Sandalwood plantation without working on it. The land will be registered immediately and will be yours and you (investor) own it.


BE VE KE HOUSING (BE VE KE GROUP) in Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh, India. The company has launched its prestigious project Farm Lands, a Srigandham Sandalwood or Red Sandal plantation in the Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh, India.


Bring prosperity and happiness to all. Create awareness about Srigandham Sandalwood and Red sandalwood plants and environment. Encourage green environment and green income. Generate additional income by sale of “carbon credits”.


To meet the raising demand for Srigandham Sandalwood and Red Sandal Wood To promote research and develop new methods in the cultivation of Woodfarm plants. To create awareness in investors of the huge investment potential of plantations